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Alla Porta Rossa, main building the terraced vineyards high up above the sea
Alla Porta Rossa offers rooms, suites, studios, apartments and villas in the heart of the National Park of the Cinque Terre, La Spezia, Liguria, Italy.

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Arriving by car

- Manarola and Riomaggiore can be reached by car through the A12 Sestri Levante-Livorno Motorway or the A15 Parma-La Spezia of the Cisa.

- The recommended Motorway exit to reach Manarola and Riomaggiore using the shortest and most simple way is La Spezia-S.Stefano Magra, although driving from Genova over the A 12 you'll find signs for Cinque Terre at the gates of Brugnato and Carrodano as well: these exits are commonly used to reach Monterosso!!

- Once in La Spezia, which is the nearest town at about 20 km, follow the signs to Cinque Terre.
Go ahead on the State Route S.S. n 370. If you go to Riomaggiore, please pay attention to the crossroads on the right while, if you go to Manarola, go straight on to the park.
We remind you that both Manarola and Riomaggiore are small lovely towns made up of sloping walking paths and steps... Neither cars nor taxis are allowed in the towns, except small ones for delivery or green electric buses just along the main road!

Once there, just before the built up area and the heart of the towns, you have to park your car either alongside the road on the permitted spaces or at the payment park managed by the National Park.

The park in Manarola is about 10 minute walk to our property Alla Porta Rossa.
Here below the rates of the car park. These rates can be changed with no advice.
We do not guarantee its accuracy.

Euro 1,50/hour - after the first 6 hours:   Euro 1,00/hour

1 day  : Euro 16,00

2 days: Euro 25,00

3 days: Euro 32,00

4 days: Euro 37,00

5 days: Euro 42,00

6 days: Euro 47,00

7 days: Euro 52,00

after the 7th. day: Euro 5,00/day

"Alla Porta Rossa" - Manarola 5 Terre Via Rollandi 246 - Mobile (+39) 3472520857 Tel. (+39 ) 0187 920189 -
- Tel/fax 0187 760621 - fax int. (+39) 02 700436614


LINK FOR HELP:    www.autostrade.it    www.aci.it


Manarola railway station

Arriving by train

Manarola has its own station and can be reached by train.
- Only Regional Trains  (treni regionali, also called treni locali) normally stop in Manarola
- Pay attention not to miss your stop: arriving from La Spezia, the 1st. stop is RIOMAGGIORE while the next one is MANAROLA: It takes only a few minutes ride, 9 minutes from La Spezia!!
- The 5 towns are just a few minutes a part by train
- After the train leaves the town before your destination, go to the door and get ready to slip out before mobs pack in
- The doors don't open always automatically; you might have to flip open the handle of the door yourself!

Travelling by train, we suggest to take a look at http://www.trenitalia.com
It's a good site (written in English as well) to check schedules, connections, info concerning tickets and rates.
To orient yourself, remember that directions are "per (to) Genova or Sestri Levante or Savona" or "per La Spezia".
At the train station, look for the yellow posters labeled Partenze(Departures) and ignore the white ones, which show arrivals.
Schedules are listed chronologically, hour by hour.
Very important!
 Validate your ticket at a train station by punching it in the yellow machine before leaving.

-   train information:   www.trenitalia.com
-   international train:   www.bahan.de



Arriving by air

airport of GENOVA:   www.cooptaxige.it     airport of PISA:   www.marcopisa.it

rent a car:   autoeuropa.it     www.transferok.it